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Consumers And Manufacturers Are Focused On Sustainable Packaging – First Choice Can Help.

Consumers And Manufacturers Are Focused On Sustainable Packaging – First Choice Can Help.

Consumers throughout America are becoming more and more conscious of packaging waste and are looking for brands that provide products with sustainable packaging that they can feel good about using.

In this blog, we’ll explore:

1) Steps that First Choice Packaging is taking to reduce waste and become more environmentally responsible

2) How FCP can help you achieve your sustainability objectives

At First Choice Packaging, Sustainable Packaging and Recycling are Major Commitments – Recycling by The Numbers

First Choice Packaging is focused on recycling our post-industrial waste and uses millions of pounds of post-consumer recycled plastic (rPET) in its manufacturing, which has significant environmental benefits.

rPET plastic is very sustainable, as it can be 100% completely recycled: bottle, label, and cap. (most of this comes from bottles and food packaging). This means that rPET bottles have a lower carbon footprint than Virgin PET bottles, and it takes less energy to recycle and create an rPET bottle than to manufacture a Virgin PET one.

rPET plastic can be recycled. Due to the thermodynamic qualities of PET, the material can be heated, melted and transformed into new materials repeatedly.

  • FCP uses millions of pounds of post-consumer rPET annually.
  • FCP recycles its rPET annually as follows:
    • 100% of scrap generated during production process is collected
    • Scrap is ground into plastic flake and packed in supersacks
    • Supersacks are shipped to plastic film suppliers to extrude back into post-consumer rPET film rolls
    • Recycled film is shipped back to FCP to be used in new production for recycling into other products
  • FCP also grinds 100% of its non-PET scrap for conversion back into film and bales all of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) scrap and HIP (High Impact Polystyrene) scrap for recycling into other products.

From implementing internal processes to save energy, to external consulting that helps our clients be more ecologically efficient, we consider environmental impact in all our day-to-day operations and decisions.

To date, we have:

  • Zero Waste Policy: We grind or bale all our production scrap and instituted a Zero Waste Policy.
  • Recycling Program: FCP exclusively partners with key vendors to return any production scrap, which is then reintroduced into materials produced by FCP in the future.
  • Facility: Installed hundreds of energy efficient light bulbs in our facility, which has cut usage by nearly 70%.
  • Superior Materials: Leverage superior recycled plastics that provide a viable alternative to standard non-recyclable plastics.

We can help you achieve your sustainability objectives by:

  • Enhancing efficiency during production
  • Reducing material weight
  • Using more recycled material
  • Making design changes

Have questions or inquiries about rPET, more efficient production, using more recyclable material and/or redesigning help?

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