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Recognized for energy efficient project application. 

Fremont, OH (June 30, 2017) – First Choice Packaging (FCP) has been granted the AEP Ohio Award, which recognizes the packaging manufacturer for its dedication of incorporating energy efficient and environmentalism into its project applications in 2016. 

AEP Ohio, a subsidiary of Ohio Power Company and a unit of American Electric Power, recognizes companies and partners that demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency.      

“Receiving the AEP Ohio Award is quite the honor,” said Frank Wolfinger, President and COO of First Choice Packaging. “We work hard every day at minimizing our environmental footprint, so being recognized as energy efficient is quite the validation of our persistent efforts.”

Over the years, First Choice Packaging has invested in restructuring its lighting and HVAC programs to meet the efficient standards set by AEP.  In partnership with AEP, FCP dramatically reduced its carbon footprint in 2009 by changing lighting in the plant and offices by removing over 400 metal halide (400 watt) light fixtures and replacing them with 200 watt high bay fluorescent fixtures.  This switch reduced lighting costs by 50% while increasing the amount of task lighting throughout the space.  In 2016, again with the help of AEP, FCP upgraded its fluorescent light fixtures to LED lamps with occupancy sensors, which achieved another 50% reduction in lighting cost.

Greater HVAC efficiency was achieved through the implementation of a building automation system and by upgrading from pneumatic to digital controls.  The new system allows the scheduling of various plant equipment to run only when necessary and to easily and efficiently control temperatures throughout the space.

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Conveniently located in the Midwest city of Fremont, Ohio, First Choice Packaging (FCP) is a first-tier packaging solutions manufacturer that provides complete custom thermoform packaging, Virtuweld™ packaging, rapid prototyping and turnkey contract packaging services to cost-effectively get packages from design to ship all under one roof. FCP’s 290,000 square-foot production facility is an ideal one-stop-shop with in-house capabilities in design, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping to ensure quick, efficient and quality service every step of the way. FCP serves a variety of customers in consumer, commercial and industrial applications including food, pharma, medical and material handling. Learn more at 

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