Case Study: NuFletch | APE Arrow Tails

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About the Client

NuFletch Archery manufactures high-quality archery products made for hunters, including some of the top archers and bow hunters in the U.S.A.

The Product

Arrow Performance Enhancement (APE) arrow tails for modern high-speed carbon arrows.

The Challenge

With its revolutionary product designs, NuFletch was looking for a way to improve the appearance and convenience of its packaging, while reducing costs and overall complexity of the packaging process.

The First Choice Packaging Solution

The Virtuweld™ patented packaging was the ideal option for NuFletch. As the exclusive manufacturer in North America, First Choice Packaging worked with NufFletch to create custom cavity PVC clamshells that combines Virtuweld’s™ proprietary security closure system to eliminate the cost and production of heat-sealing operations. The customized clamshell packaging with bold 10-color card graphics and printing strikes the right balance between alluring sales, and deterring for pilfering.

The Results

As a startup, NuFletch got to promote its new products with outstanding, vibrant packaging which also acted as their “virtual salesman.” A smarter designed package that was faster, easier, and cheaper to produce, while enhancing the overall look and added security with the illusion of being heat sealed closed. NuFletch also discovered the team could by-pass the expense of additional sealing machines and have more time and flexibility for quality control packaging checks.

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