Case Study: NuFletch | IGNITOR Lighted Nocks

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About the Client

NuFletch Archery manufactures high-quality archery products made for hunters, including some of the top archers and bow hunters in the U.S.A.

The Product

IGNITOR lighted nocks (the notched end of an arrow for fitting into a bowstring) that aid in recovering arrows and also assist archers in fine-tuning arrow flight.

The Challenge

NuFletch was looking for a custom, yet cost-effective and time-efficient packaging process to reduce in-store thefts, without compromising packaging design and convenience.

The First Choice Packaging Solution

First Choice’s innovative Vituweld® packaging with a custom cavity and patented locking system was the ideal solution for the IGNITOR lighted nocks. The Virtuweld® uniquely sealed packaging allowed NuFletch to maintain eye-catching packaging with added pilfer-resistance, while also reducing costs and complexity of the packaging process. The biggest advantage is the packaging appears to be heat-sealed, but actually pops open via the proprietary locking insert, which eliminated use of cutting utensils and increased their options for product inspection since they could pop open the packaging to remove defective product before shipping to shelves.

The Results

Virtuweld® allowed NuFletch to display the functional advantages of it’s IGNITOR lighted nocks clearly and quickly for the customer, while enhancing product security. This help NuFletch improve its market position by effectively appealing to more customers, yet deterring theft. Additionally, NuFletch saved on the expense of additional sealing machines, which allowed their team to focus on quality control packaging checks since the packages could flexibly be reopened and closed securely.

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