Blister Packaging

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First Choice Packaging produces blister packaging to make products shine and reduce theft. Blister packaging is typically made of either PVC or RPET material and are normally sealed to a card that has been specially pre-treated for heat-sealing applications.

What is blister packaging?

A blister features a thermoformed plastic cavity that leverages flanged edges to secure the product into place. This is a functional, cost-effective packaging solution that features a custom shaped plastic cavity with edges that are sealed to a card to reduce theft, increase safety and create shelf appeal. Choose from a variety of styles and options that help showcase your product and brand. 

Style Options
Standard Blister
Full-Face Blister
Blister/Mock Clamshell
Trapped Blister

Design Options



Simple or complex, we produce custom designs fit to your needs.



Semi-custom designs utilize an existing design platform with custom cavity, which can help save on production costs and time.


Stock On Demand

Stock on Demand design options are based on the existing tools we have in-house, and can be a super economic production option.

Seal Options

Heat Sealing

Heat and pressure are used to weld plastic blisters onto heat-activated adhesive coated cards. Typically used for face and trapped blisters. FCP has several test methods to measure the strength of heat seals to ensure quality seals.

Cold Sealing

Solely utilizes pressure to make a seal. Typically used for sealing trapped blister packages, leveraging a cold-seal coating on the card. A simple, fast, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method for sealing.  

Material Options


Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate is reclaimed post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms recycled into new material to make new thermoform packaging.


Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic resin or synthetic plastic polymer that comes in two basic forms: rigid and flexible.

We Feel Your Need for Speed

Our one-source process gets you from design to delivery in 3-5 weeks.

Design & Development > Rapid Prototyping > Expert Tool Design & Build > Quality & Control
Manufacturing & Production > Warehousing & Fulfillment > Shipping & Distribution

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