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First Choice Packaging is North America’s exclusive manufacturer of the proprietary Virtuweld clamshell packaging technology, which has revolutionized the traditional clamshell package. As a response to increasing demand for cost-effective, tamper resistant packaging, Virtuweld’s patented closing style gives clamshells the security required by retailers, without the added sealing production cost. The beauty of Virtuweld is this is not a welded blister… but your customers will think it is with its proprietary stitched welding effect on the final packaging.  


What is Virtuweld Packaging?

Virtuweld packaging is a proprietary clamshell design that uniquely features a unique embossed stitch that makes the clamshell package appear to be machine-welded, however, the clamshell is unsealed and manually closed by hand to clip into place. This is particularly useful for quick response during peak demand, without incurring capital expenses. Virtuweld: It’s as good as sealed.  

Design Options



Simple or complex, we produce custom designs fit to your needs.



Semi-custom designs utilize an existing design platform with custom cavity, which can help save on production costs and time.

Seal Options

Snap Button Sealed

Utilizes a button style closure to manually "snap" thermoformed closure into place.

Material Options


Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate is reclaimed post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms recycled into new material to make new thermoform packaging.


Polyvinyl Chloride is a thermoplastic resin or synthetic plastic polymer that comes in two basic forms: rigid and flexible.

We Feel Your Need for Speed

Our one-source process gets you from design to delivery in 3-5 weeks.

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Manufacturing & Production > Warehousing & Fulfillment > Shipping & Distribution

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