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When To Use Blister Packaging For Your Brand’s Product

Blister packages use a thermoformed plastic sheet and paper, cardboard, or foil backing, which displays your products and also makes them easy to access, dispense, and use. 

Wondering if this type of packaging is right for your product? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why blister packaging may be a good choice.

1. Maintain Product Freshness

Blister packaged products have a tight seal that keeps out airborne and environmental contaminants, and it also promotes product freshness because blister packages usually allow products to be removed one-by-one when a customer needs them.

2. Easily Dispense A Dosage Or Serving Size

A consumer can easily access the blister pack to remove a certain amount of product for use. This is why blister packaging is commonly used for pharmaceuticals, as well as food products such as bouillon cubes that are used infrequently, and are typically only used one at a time.

3. Design Versatility

There are a lot of design possibilities with blister packaging. For example, you can use a blister pack with heavy-duty printed cardboard backing. This cardboard can contain graphics advertising your product, your brand logo, and other details like quality seals, ensuring your product is visually appealing to customers

4. Product Is Visible & Accessible To Consumers

A blister pack puts your product front-and-center since the blister packaging is typically transparent. Customers can clearly view them without needing to tamper with the package, which lets them make their purchase with more confidence.

5. Easy To Customize & Create

Blister packs are one of the most commonly used types of product packaging used in the modern retail industry, which means it’s easy to work with a packaging partner and have a custom, thermoformed blister pack created for your product.

Regardless of the size of your items or the number of products you want to include in each package, you can get customized packaging that will work for you.

Interested in learning more about our blister packaging capabilities at First Choice? You can learn more here. Want to request a quote and discuss your current scenario? Get in touch with us today.

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