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When To Use Clamshell Packaging For Your Brand’s Product

With so many different types of packaging available on the market, it can be hard to know which packaging options are right for your products.

Clamshell packaging uses two sheets of thermoformed plastic to secure a product between them, and is formed to hold it securely in place. But is it right for your products? Here are a few reasons you may want to consider a clamshell package.

1. To Get Superior Protection For Your Products

Because the product is held tightly between two sheets of plastic, it’s less likely to be jostled around, damaged, or destroyed during transit. Clamshell packaging is also resistant to moisture, airborne contaminants, and the elements, so your products will remain intact even if they’re not transported properly. This is one of the reasons why fragile products like LED lightbulbs are often sold in clamshell packaging.

2. To Create An Eye-Catching Design

Clamshell packaging can create truly eye-catching designs, particularly when combined with graphic inserts, printed logos, dyed plastic, or stamped designs on the plastic. With clamshell packaging, you have a lot of creative freedom to advertise your product.

3. To Show Off The Quality Of Your Product

Because clamshell packaging is clear and transparent, customers can see what the product looks like before they buy it, and also be assured that it’s in good condition. For example, consumers won’t be worried that a pair of headphones has been broken in transit if they can see them in the package, and see that they are in good shape.

4. To Secure And Protect Your Product

Clamshell packaging can be a little bit difficult to open without proper tools, like scissors. While this can cause some customer frustration, there is a benefit to this – the packaging is highly secure.

Clamshell packaging is hard to open in the store, and can protect your items from shoplifters, which is always appreciated by your retail partners. This is why small yet expensive items like headphones, cell phone cases, and electronic devices are often packaged in clamshells.

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